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About The King Alfred

King Alfred The Great

Alfred became king of the West Saxons in 871, although Alfred was remembered as a great English king, he did not rule England. His territory was Wessex, the home of the West Saxons. He stood in defeat of viking invaders.

In late May 878, Alfred assembled his troops and would make a stand where many of the English Kingdoms were powerless to resist the invasion of the Danish Vikings. Alfred planned resistance by fighting ferociously, forming a dense shielded-wall against the whole army of the pagans, and strived long and bravely – at last Alfred gained the victory! This period proved not only was he a wise and a creative ruler, he also transformed and reformed the now strengthened Wessex.

Alfred excelled greatly in war and peace after battling with his opponents the Danish Vikings, offering protection against people and live stock at times of invasion. Alfred also showed genuine concern for the welfare of his subjects.

King Alfred strove for integrity creating the ‘doom book’ in law and issues a code of Alfred…known today as “The Legal Code’, that compiled Anglo-Saxon legal ideas and divine law expressed in the Christian bible.

Alfred even took to studying himself, and had multiple scholars translating Latin into English. He produced an Anglo-Saxon translation of saint Gregory the Great’s book  of ‘pastoral care’ which would end up being be the standard guidebook for bishops.

Alfred died on 26th October 899. Alfred was the only Monarch to ever receive the title ‘The Great’.

‘Alfreds triumph perceived nothing less than the salvation of his Kingdom.’

About Our Pub

King Alfred was one of England’s most famous and respected Kings who had close links to this area of Somerset. We are delighted to have named the pub in his memory and we have lots of historic memorabilia on the walls for our customers to view.

You can be guaranteed a warm welcome from us and the team here at The King Alfred and we hope you will come and visit us soon!

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